DIY: Find Your Keys Bag

A wearables workshop at Helios in Montreal, featuring a popular DIY wearable: the Find Your Keys Bag.


This solves the perennial problem of not being able to see what’s at the bottom of your bag.


A simple circuit was created using conductive thread, a coin cell battery and LED diodes. When the snaps on the bag are opened, the LEDs at the bottom of the bag light up, illuminating the contents of the bag, thus making it easier to find your keys. When the snaps are closed, the lights turn off.

In 2015, you could briefly find this technology embedded in high-end bags (The Ricky Bag with Light, by Ralph Lauren) for about US$5000, or $150 via a successful Kickstarter project by Leoht. However, due to a legal patent issue, there are currently no mass-produced commercial options available. It’s perfectly legal to make your own though. In fact, the open-source DIY instructions can be found here:

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