Stretchable Batteries

Want a battery that can stretch and twist? You got it. Even better, it's microbial-based, so human sweat delivers fuel for the microbes. Perfect for wearable tech that measures fitness. No word yet on how or if you clean it...

Circuit-Making 101

Curious about how wearables work, I took part in a workshop at Helio Makerspace in Montreal: Electronics 101. After a thorough lecture on circuit theory by instructor, Murray Pearson, we got down to making circuits using LED lights (aka "throwies"), coin cell batteries, breadboards (for connecting wires) and a multimeter (measuring voltage/current) which we got to... Continue Reading →

Muse: meditation made easy

 Surrounded by other neurotech enthusiasts and experts, I tried the Muse headband at a local NeuroTechX event in Montreal. Our questions ranged from practical to highly technical.

Monitoring the Autonomic Nervous System

The skin is the only organ that is purely innervated by the sympathetic nervous system (and not affected by parasympathetic activation). The following health concerns can be monitored via EDA (electro-dermal activity). This makes them perfect candidates for wearables worn on the skin.

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