2018 CES Report

The biggest trend in Wearables at CES 2018 was a rise in products developed for those with impaired vision and hearing. The most notable examples:

Relumina, by Samsung.
An AR wearable for people with low-vision: glaucoma, scotoma, cataracts, blurred vision and contrast issues. Started as an AR headset. Has now evolved to a pair of glasses: https://www.samsungrelumino.com
Relumina glasses for low vision
More info: https://www.wareable.com/samsung/samsung-relumino-glasses-review

For those who are hearing-impaired. New products from 3 companies: Bragi, Jabra and Nuheara. These assist people with tinnitus and low hearing. In addition to being useful as regular earbuds for listening to music, podcasts, etc, they can also be adjusted to amplify or dampen sound, and assist those with tinnitus.

IQ Boost, by Nuheara: https://www.nuheara.com/iqbuds-boost/

Bragi is working on a similar product, but has yet to ship: https://www.bragi.com/ub/project-ears/

Live Language Translation

Also big were hearables that offer live language translation, in addition to the (now standard) music, noise-cancellation and voice notifications.
Bragi live translation earbuds

Clik, by MyManu (of Pilot fame, working with Google and Apple): https://www.mymanu.com/

Dash Pro, by Bragi (working with Starkey and iTranslate): https://www.bragi.com/thedashpro/customize/

Mars (still in production): https://technewsgadget.net/2018/03/mars-ear-buds-simultaneous-person-to-person-translation-wins-big-at-ces/

The three big takeaways from CES 2017 are:

  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has breathed new life into Wearables.
  2. UX (User Experience) will make or break your product.
  3. Product Differentiation (aka Brand Marketing) is critical

With all the competition at CES 2018, it was obvious to the thousands of attendees that wearables that stood out were the ones that had worked on their product differentiation.

Health-oriented products, particularly those aimed at sleep and wellbeing, were hot. While there was plenty of buzz about integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) in future iterations, most companies appeared to be focused on Product Differentiation (i.e. marketing) and UX (User Experience).

CES is the world’s largest annual convention for showcasing new electronica, and is held every January in Las Vegas.

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