C2RO: Cloud Robotics


Robotic SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) cloud-based platform for IoT.


  • lower manufacturing costs: no need to replace robots (hardware) as often
  • makes cheap robots smarter
  • robot agnostic
  • remote cloud-based software maintenance and security updates
  • realtime data processing for instant feedback
  • facial recognition
  • spatial mapping and navigation
  • map sharing to multiple robots
  • autonomous navigation
  • multi-robot interaction (e.g. drone + domestic robot)
  • more robust security for data and physical offices/stores


Robotic software is managed and deployed from the cloud, versus residing in the robot, so all you need is an internet connection to “update” your robot’s ‘brain’ (software). Commands and responses are sent to the cloud, much like Facebook Messenger texts.  Robots can be connected to another robot via the cloud to coördinate tasks and data gathering.

Being hardware agnostic means the software works with any RGB sensor on any internet-connected device. Operates on Linux or Android system. No need for fancy onboarding computation (GPUs, like on your laptop)

Data is encrypted and stored securely, which lowers security concerns if the robot is stolen or destroyed.


C2RO: http://c2ro.com

Product Demo


Montreal, QC, Canada.


Available now.

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