Felcana: health monitoring for pets


Digital pet monitoring. By vets for pet owners. More than a FitBit for your pet.


  • Early detection of injury, arthritis, diabetes, kidney, thyroid disease via changes in habits
  • Accurate daily activity monitoring
  • Detection of Separation Anxiety (pacing versus resting while you’re away)
  • Accurate monitoring of exercise with dog walkers
  • Monitors drinking, eating, sleeping habits
  • Clinical data and patterns for your vet visits
  • Lightweight, (9 grams or 0.3 oz), designed for cats and dogs
  • Light on collar to easily find your pet at night.
  • FCC certified safe for pets.
  • 1-year warranty


HELIX – a smart Bluetooth 5.0 device that is compatible with any pre-existing cat or dog collar, or the Italian leather option offered. Helix clips onto the collar and is worn at all times. It continuously monitors your pet’s activity and habits:  exercise, temperature, sleeping habits, and eating and drinking patterns. Sleek design, robust (bite-proof), durable, waterproof and lightweight (9 grams or 0.3 oz).

FLASHBACK LIGHT –  App-activated, the LED light can be set as a constant beam, or to blink. When your pet wanders too far away from you, the light will automatically switch on, helping you keep track of your cat or dog over greater distances.

MICRO-LOCATION BEACONS –  attach to feeding and water bowls, bed, door-flap, etc. Data logs + AI combine data on levels of activity, GPS location tracking and frequency of behavior patterns (drinking, eating, excreting) for more accurate holistic monitoring. Same beacons can be used for multiple pets within the same home, so you know who’s eating all the food and from which bowl.

HOME HUB – Charging station and WiFi cloud-sync.

From their blog: 3 Reasons Why Pets are Hard to Connect to the Internet of Things.

Also, why Bluetooth is better than GPS for monitoring pets:

• GPS is bulky: GPS technology cannot be shrunk to a small device; it’s too large and it’s uncomfortable.
• GPS is power hungry: GPS (and cellular radio) eats battery life, requiring an almost daily charge.
• GPS, for this purpose, is too inaccurate: Smartphones use multiple sensors to help reduce errors. Ditto your car’s satellite navigation. Fine for a block of steel with four wheels. Not so good for a ball of fur with four legs.
• GPS is expensive: GPS only gets its location but cannot send it to your phone. Therefore, a mobile data plan is required, meaning a costly subscription service to keep a GPS enabled device working.


Invented by experienced vets. Felcana: https://felcana.com/


London, UK.


Available: Fully-funded via Kickstarter. Available to pre-order starting at £59 : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/felcana/felcana-smart-sensors-to-listen-to-your-pet

Expected Ship Date: August 2017. No monthly fees. Ships globally.

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