Doppel: lower your stress levels


Heart rate monitor with haptic sensor for training you how to lower (or raise) blood pressure.


  • Lower your stress levels by lowering your heart rate.
  • Increase focus by raising your heart rate.
  • Scientifically proven and published: article
  • Works within moments.


Important: it does not monitor your heart rate. Rather, Doppel sets up a silent vibration that you feel on the inside of your wrist as a gentle ‘lub-dub’ heartbeat-like vibration. It affects your perception of your heartbeat in a natural way, much like music, which can calm or excite you. It intuitively trains you to sync your pulse with the gadget’s slower (or faster) rhythm. Slower tempos result in lower arousal and calm and positive emotional states; fast rhythms with emotional states such as joy, excitement and surprise. But unlike music, a silent beat is non-distracting and discreet, so you can feel calm and focused, anytime and anywhere.

Pairs with a phone app, but once set, there’s no need to carry your phone; it automatically syncs when next in range.

Could this be a smartwatch app?

No. Other devices don’t currently have the actuator or battery capability. It wouldn’t feel right and your smart watch would run out of battery before you had a chance to check your emails.



Video interview with one of the four startup founders, Jack Hooper:


London, UK.


Available now:
Estimated ship date: July 2018.

Doppel core being manufactured.

Doppel base being manufactured.

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